Auto Start LiFePO4 Lithium Ion 12V 70Ah Battery Pack

Our lithium iron phosphate starter battery is composed of prismatic battery cells, which has more cycles and a longer lifespan than a lead-acid battery. With BMS protection, The battery has higher safety performance. And can start quickly to facilitate your needs


Product Description

Our lithium iron phosphate starter battery is composed of prismatic battery cells, which has more cycles and a longer lifespan than a lead-acid battery. With BMS protection, The battery has higher safety performance. And can start quickly to facilitate your needs.Cyclen provide various models with 300CCA-1000CCA for your choice. Here are specification of our 12v 70ah starting battery module.

General Parameter
IFR 3.2V 70AH
Casing material for single cell
Prismatic cells
Standard capacity(0.2C 5 A)

Rated voltage
Work voltage:3.20V
Max.Charge voltage
Single Ave. charge Voltage 3.6V
Cut-off voltage
Single Ave. Discharge Voltage 2.5V
Standard charge current
0.2C (can be adjusted )
charging Time
About 4hrs

Max Continuous discharge current
Peak discharge current
11.4C 2seconds
Battery dimension
Max dimension
Total weight(Approx.)
About 9.5kg
Each box weight, 1pcs / box
Impedance(Max, at 1000Hz.)
≤ 8mΩ
Between the positive and negative
High cold cranking Amps
600 CCA
Battery case material

Charge method (CC/CV)

Features of 12V 70Ah lifepo4 starting battery

1. Easy to use, no need to add water

2. Small size, light weight, and easy to carry.

3.Fuel saving by 5%,. The voltage of lifepo4 batteries is very stable (13.2V), so the car ignition system can always maintain a higher and more stable voltage.

4. Long service life.which are not easy to age. After 2000 times of repeated charging and discharging, the decay rate of its capacitance is only 15%.

5.Good start at low temperature,lithium iron batteries can maintain 80-95% of energy at minus 20 degrees.


BMS function built in lithium ion starting battery.

Lithium iron phosphate battery bms can effectively monitor, protect, energy balance and fault alarm of lithium battery pack, thereby improving the working efficiency and service life of the entire power battery pack.


Deep Cycle LiFePO4 vs. Lead Acid/Gel/AGM?

LiFePO4Lead Acid/Gel/AGM
Weight50% lighterHeavier
Cycle life3000 -5000 times300- 500 times
Charge rateFast (0.3C-1C)Slow(0.2C).
Lower temperature performance70% discharge capacity45% discharge capacity
InstallationNo restrictionInvert position not allowed
Environmental impactGreen no toxic materialHeavy metal
Our LiFePO4 battery series can be Plug In replacement of SLA batteries.

This Lithium cranking battery series are mainly used in car start


Our Services

In addition to the standard model 12v/24v/36v/48v, Cyclen can also provide you with customized services according to your needs.

1.Dimension , shape, case (abs/Iron).

2.Terminal (M8,M6, Anderson , Stud).

3.BMS:Discharge current and charge current etc.

4.LCD screen/bluetooth app/Can bus

5.Logo, package etc

Factory Production

Strictly control the production technology to ensure the stability of lithium batteries


Battery test.

Our battery packs and cells have passed different test: short circuit, drop test, over charge test

and extrusion test. No explosion. No fire, no smoke, no leak.


Our Certifications

We obtained a list of certifications including ISO9001,SGS, 

Productions carry UN38.3,CE,ROHS,FCC and series of MSDS certifications.


With our customers

We have exported our battery packs worldwide for years, and have gained customers’ recognization.



1. Where can I get the price of lifepo4 12v 70ah cranking battery?

The price depends on your quantities and your requirements.If you are interested in our products, Please click “Inquire Now” above to get our product catalog and price list. We will offer you the best quote in 24 hours after we get the product specifications such as voltage capacity application etc.

2. What are the payment methods?

We support TT, paypal , credit card.

3. What’s the lead time ?

It depends on your order quantity.Normally 1-2 days if we have samples in stock, 5-10 days for newly produced samples. 15-20 days for big order.

4. What shipping methods can I choose, how about the shipping time?

Our sales will help you choose the most cost-effective shipping methods.

By Express (3-10 working days), suitable for urgent time or small quantity.

By Sea (15-30 days), it suitable for mass production.

By Air (4-7 days), from airport to airport. 

5. What is the package? Is that safe?

We pack the battery in safe and standard way.One battery in one carton box, and filled with EPE foam on the top and at the bottom. For heavier battery packs, we adopt wooden case. We will send you the battery photo before shipping and the shipping agent we work with are reliable and professional.

6. What’s the warranty? How can I get support after I purchase the battery?

Different warranty for different models. Usually 3-5 years for higher capacity packs.

1-2 years for smaller battery models. During warranty time, we can send you new ones if your battery fail to work due to its own quality problem. You can contact us about any battery problems via email, skype, whatsapp and wechat. Our sales and engineers will help you work it out.

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