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What is the future market prospect of home energy storage?

Aug. 22, 2022

What is the development trend of home energy storage system?

The home energy storage system can usually be combined with distributed photovoltaic power generation to form a home solar energy storage system. Home storage systems mainly include two types of products: batteries and inverters.

1.From the perspective of battery trends, energy storage batteries are evolving towards higher capacity. With the increase of residential electricity consumption, the power consumption of each household gradually increases, and the battery can realize system expansion through modularization. At the same time, high-voltage batteries become a trend.

2.From the perspective of inverter trends, the demand for hybrid inverters suitable for the incremental market and off-grid inverters that do not need to be connected to the grid increases.

3. From the perspective of terminal product trends, currently the split type is mainly used, that is, the battery and the inverter system are used together, and the follow-up will gradually develop to the all-in-one machine.

4.From the perspective of regional market trends, differences in power grid structure and power market result in slight differences in mainstream products in different regions. The European grid-connected model is the main model, the United States has more off-grid models, and Australia is exploring the virtual power plant model.

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What is the development trend of  home energy storage system?

Benefiting from the dual-wheel drive of distributed photovoltaic & energy storage penetration, overseas home energy storage has grown rapidly. In terms of photovoltaic installations, Europe is highly dependent on foreign energy, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has exacerbated the energy crisis. European countries have raised their expectations for photovoltaic installations. In terms of energy storage penetration, rising energy prices have led to rising residential electricity prices and improved energy storage economy. Countries have introduced subsidy policies to encourage residential energy storage installations.

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